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Lightboxes, Loupes & Slide Viewers

55.32 (66.94 inc Vat)
2x Magnification
4x Magnification with Spot Lens
16 Bright LEDs
Adjustable Head
Included Magnetic Base and Table Clamp
AC/DC Adapter Supplied
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Carson 2x Pro Series LED Magnifire" is 1.

97.71 (118.23 inc Vat)
1.5x Magnification
Adjustable Locking Stand
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Carson CP-10 Desktop Stand Fresnel Magnifier" is 1.

59.81 (72.37 inc Vat)
Solder Station Magnifier
Built-in Soldering Iron/Spool Holder
Sixteen LEDs for Illumination
Provides Handsfree Operation
4.5x Power Spot for Small Detail
Includes AC/DC Adapter
Can Run on Optional Four AA Batteries
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Carson CP-50 1.75x Solder Mag Magnifier with 4.5x Power Spot" is 1.

119.67 (144.80 inc Vat)
Large 5" Lens
48 Bright LED Lights
Articulating Arm Adjusts for Optimal Use
Sturdy Aluminum Construction
Rotating Glass Head
C-Clamp Easily Attaches to Desk
Includes AC/DC Adapter
Allows Hands-Free, Detailed Craft Work
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Carson CP-70 1.8x DeskBrite Plus Magnifier" is 1.

140.77 (170.33 inc Vat)
2.5x Magnification
5" Glass Lens Diameter
48 Built-In LED Lights
Ideal Tool for Examining Fine Detail
Built-In Handle for Rotating the Head
Extends 10" with Variable Viewing Angles
Includes AC Adapter and Protective Cover
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Carson CP-80 Magnilamp Pro Magnifier (2.5x)" is 1.

97.86 (118.41 inc Vat)
CP-90 MagniFlex Pro
Hands-Free 2x Magnifier
Large, 4"-Diameter Acrylic Lens
4x Power Spot for Enhanced Magnification
Flexible Neck, Easily Position Lens
16 LED Lights, Battery or AC Powered
Mount on Magnetic Stand or Table Clamp
LF-10 LightFlex Pro
Versatile, Hands-Free LED Lamp
Flexible Neck, Magnet Stand, Table Clamp
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Carson CP-95 Bundle with CP-90 MagniFlex Pro 2x LED Magnifier and LF-10 LightFlex Pro LED Task Light" is 1.

57.37 (69.42 inc Vat)
2x Magnifying Glass with Handle
Large, 5"-Diameter Acrylic Lens
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Carson HU-20 BigEye 2x Magnifier (10-Pack)" is 1.

48.29 (58.43 inc Vat)
2x Portable, Handheld Magnifier
For Convenient, Daily Use
Rectangular Lens
View Books, Newspapers, Magazines
Two LED Lights
Folding Handle for Storage and Transport
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Carson MJ-50 Lighted MagniFold 2x Magnifier (6-Pack)" is 1.

594.88 (719.80 inc Vat)
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Fiilex V360 Pro Print Viewing Lamp" is 1.

137.28 (166.11 inc Vat)
Dense Matrix LED Technology
Flexible Gooseneck
Variable Color Control
3000K, 4000K, 5000K, & 6500K Settings
Continuous Dimming from 100-25%
High CRI of
Passive Cooling Technology
50,000 Hour Lifespan
Dome Diffuser for Soft Lighting
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Fiilex V70 LED Color Viewing Lamp" is 1.

387.17 (468.48 inc Vat)
Metal-Mask Helps Reduce Curving of Film
For Standard / DIN Slide, 80 Round Trays
Heat-Resistant Plastic Construction
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Gepe 24 x 36mm Anti-Newton Glass Slide Mounts for 35mm Film (3mm, 1000-Pack)" is 1.

703.97 (851.80 inc Vat)
Besides the standard format slide mounts, Gepe, to a great extent, accommodates special needs. For example - slide mounts for the Minox miniature format,...
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Gepe 35mm Pro-Lock Plus Glassless Slide Mounts - 10,000 Pack (Industrial)" is 1.